Taking On An Apprentice

Here at UK Construction College, we believe that the future of young people learning lies in apprenticeships and we have championed the benefits of using the skills of an apprentice to employers.


We strive to find an apprentice that fits your business profile and will interview applicants on your behalf using your HR guidelines. Our reputation and our prolonged business relationship with you is based upon the service you get from us — we see our apprentices as an extension of that.

Exceptional Quality Construction Apprentices — Secure Yours Now!

We have a limited number of apprentices available in the trades of joinery, roofing, bricklaying and plastering, who are currently on our UKCC Construction Academy and will be available to join employers from the beginning of August.

In essence, the UKCC Construction Academy will give youngsters who are looking for a career in construction the discipline and behaviour which ready them for a world of work and make them a real asset to any employer. This in turn adds value to the business as well as addresses the skills shortage within the industry.

Why UK Construction College?

  • Contributed to a Grade 2 inspection by OFSTED.

  • Opportunity to work on site with some of the region’s leading construction companies and business leaders.

  • Committed supervisors who want to help you achieve your best.

  • Spot prizes throughout the apprenticeship for those who show real commitment and dedication to developing their skills.

  • Located near a Metro station for easy access. Free car parking is on offer to a limited number of learners.

Grants Available!

There are grants available, details of which are available upon request.

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"Rory came to us and immediately got on with his tasks. We started off giving him minimal tasks like sawing and working on door frames but we realised pretty quickly that it wasn’t challenging enough for him. He developed very quickly; we were really impressed at the quality of his work"

Ken Jones

Supervisor, Koru Property Services


If you’re interested in hiring or hosting an apprentice, please send us your contact details using the form below and we’ll be in touch immediately!