Quality & Compliance

“Quality means doing right when no-one is looking,” Henry Ford.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected,” Steve Jobs.



The most successful companies put quality at the forefront of their business plan. Here at UK Construction College, we are committed to ensuring that the quality of both the learners’ and employers’ experience is positive and of high quality, and that they remain the most important stakeholders in everything we do.

Everyone within the organisation is committed to providing a quality service to all our customers. Continuous improvement is also part of our culture and can be evidenced throughout.

We recognise that by improving the quality of our service delivery, we will increase the levels of learner attainment, enhance their experience and continue to raise employer satisfaction and expectations.

It is our responsibility to put in place effective quality improvement arrangements, which cover all the key stages of the learner journey, and enhances our effectiveness in engaging and meeting employer’s needs (i.e. the employer journey) as well as the operating requirements of the business to achieve its aims and objectives.

To achieve our aims and objectives, we will:

  • Ask learners, employers and staff to provide feedback on the quality of training and support, and use this information to implement improvements for current and future learners and employers if appropriate and practical.

  • Define in the form of simple written policies and procedures the key learner processes that we need to get right and internally audit these to check that they are being consistently applied and to identify areas for improvement. These will be reviewed at least annually and we will ensure staff have access to these always.

  • Observe all key learner processes and produce reports in which recommendations for improvement are given and acted upon.

  • Undertake inclusive self-assessment, leading to the production of an annual Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). We will continue to identify strengths and areas for improvement and work towards achieving the key objectives outlined in our QIP.

  • Continuously monitor and evaluate learners’ overall and timely achievement rates and benchmark these against the sector average and minimum standards levels.

  • Continuously monitor learner progress to ensure that they are reaching their full potential and making progress in line with expectations.

  • Measure and manage the effectiveness of the delivery, assessment and accreditation of provision to our customers via the Learning Agreement.

  • Welcome all external audit activity which is seen as a key development tool. This includes Awarding Body EQA, Ofsted Inspection, Matrix Accreditation visits and Provider Financial Audits by the Skills Funding Agency and our funding partners.

These arrangements are designed to complement each other and fit together to form a comprehensive and cost-effective quality improvement framework.


Our quality and compliance team delivers a complete audit service to the organisation, which includes the provision of advice to all staff members as required.   In the discharge of this duty, the quality and compliance team will:

  • Adhere to a rolling annual Internal Audit timetable to plan in quarterly substantive audits of all activity carried out by UKCC.

  • Prepare Substantive Audit Reports for the Senior Management Team and Executive Board following each Substantive Audit taking place.

  • Monitor internal controls.

  • Provide internal audit updates to the Quality Meeting Group on a monthly basis.

To ensure that there is an adequate control framework and environment, all staff are made aware of and required to comply with the following policies and procedures:

  • Internal Audit Code of Conduct.

  • Whistle-Blowing Policy.

  • Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy.

  • Government Internal Audit Standards.

  • Audit requirements of the Skills Funding Agency.

Further information on the full Quality and Compliance Framework of UKCC is available upon request — please get in touch for more details.

"Rory came to us and immediately got on with his tasks. We started off giving him minimal tasks like sawing and working on door frames but we realised pretty quickly that it wasn’t challenging enough for him. He developed very quickly; we were really impressed at the quality of his work"

Ken Jones

Supervisor, Koru Property Services


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